April 23 and 24 2018 – Talk and live performance at ZHDK, Zurich

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Capture d’écran 2018-01-07 à 12.42.22Video still, Gorge, by Lina Laraki, 2018
23.4.2018, 18h, ZHDK, Zurich

“Wretched Ears”, presentation by Gilles Aubry for the ICST Musikgespräche series

The talk is an introduction to Aubry’s current researches in Morocco on sonic intimacy and post-naturalist ontologies. Departing from a sound ethnography of daily life in rural areas, he becomes attentive to the specific agency of non-human beings, things, tools, locations and devices, including his own microphone and recorder. Intimacy and relationality are addressed via recordings of sung poetry, environments and inter-species relations, including agricultural activities and work songs, collective listening and group singing, spiritual songs, binaural goats, and spatial explorations through site-specific feedback improvisations. By acknowledging the existence and agency of non-human voices – such as environmental, technological and spiritual ones – the research stresses the necessity to re-imagine our ways of relating and our sense of the collective.

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24.4.2018, 19h

Performance “Communism of Waves” by Gilles Aubry

Aubry improvises with sounds from the Wretched Ear Radio, an online internet stream which serves as an archive for his research in Morocco on sonic intimacy and post-naturalism. Using re-amplification and feedback techniques, he creates an immersive sound field for techno-environmental speculation.

Toni-Areal, Konzertsaal 1, Ebene 7, Pfingstweidstrasse 96, Zürich

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