May 4 2016 – Presentation at Uni Weimar

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Roundtable discussion and artist presentation at Weimar University

Guests: Gilles Aubry, Jochen Hennig & Oliver Potratz, moderation Nathalie Singer

Location and time: Glaskasten der LIMONA, Steubenstrasse, 11h

Expedition Big Data to the Archiv
In this project we want to investigate the different facets of big data and archives from different perspectives. Subsequently we will work on our own ideas of a living archive. We will embark on an archaeological journey through broadcasting archives, excavate pieces from the past, but also examine which radio(-art)-web-platforms have since been established. All with the goal of creating projects that make the line between old and new the subject of negotiation, in auditory, audio-visual or perhaps spatial type. For the crowning closure of the course the projects will be presented at an international radio art festival.

Department of experimental radio: