New LP excerpt on Resonance FM and review in Vital Weekly

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The new LP “and who sees the mystery” is part of the radio show “Adventures in Music and Sound – 26th January 2017″  compiled by The Wire on Resonance FM.


Lp review by Vital Weekly, issue 10666, January 2017:
“This is some fascinating stuff, I must say. This is not your usual layering of some water/rain/sea/forest sounds, but a rather intense trip in which Aubry manages to create a delicate balance between field recordings, which seems mostly voices from local people (but also animal sounds), along with instruments, assumed to be play by Aubry (wind and percussion mainly) along with some heavy electronic altering of all the sounds. That adds a whole sort of ‘electronic blanket’ on top of whatever else is happening. It also makes
this perhaps a bit more alien than your usual field-recording album. At least that’s what it did for me. It makes up for some truly odd layers in this music; sometimes it seems as if the sounds don’t fit, with animal sounds, looped rattles and feedback/overtone textures, but at the same time it works wonderfully well; while not moving at a fast speed, it is not easy to keep up thinking what you hear, processing the experience. Rather than thinking about it, I would think that the best thing is dive deep into this and simply enjoy the experience.”