Academic publications by Gilles Aubry

Gilles Aubry: “Sawt, Bodies, Species: Sonic Pluralism in Morocco”, Adocs Press, Hamburg, 2023, print and Open Access pdf Version.

Gilles Aubry: “Stonesound: A Collaborative Experiment in Stone Sounding in Moulay Bouchta”, in Thomas Gartman and Michaela Schäuble (eds), “Studies in the Arts – Neue Perspektiven auf Forschung über, in und durch Kunst und Design”, Transcript Verlag, (forthcoming in 2023).

Gilles Aubry: Performative (Un)sounding in the film Salam Godzilla, in Julia Schröder and Volker Straebel (eds), “Sound Studies and Sonic Arts Reader”, Wolke Verlag, Hofheim, 2022.

Gilles Aubry: “Salam Godzilla: Unsounding the 1960 Agadir earthquake”, in “Postcolonial repercussions: Auditory cultures between signification and the new ontology”, ed. by Schoon A. and Ismaiel-Wendt J., Transcript Verlag, 2022.

Gilles Aubry: “Towards decolonized listening. A sound ethnography of the Paul Bowles Moroccan Music Collection“, proceedings of the Sonologia international conference on sound studies, São Paulo, 2017.

Gilles Aubry: “Listenings in the City” in “Dossier für städtisches Handeln”, ed. by Metrozone, Hamburg & Berlin, 2015.

Interviews & articles about Gilles Aubry’s work

Berliner Morgenpost on the exhibition Notes from below at Acud gallery Berlin (18.5.2023, in German)
Special mention to Gilles Aubry for his film Atlantic Ragagar at Ji-Hlava Film Festival 2022, article in (in Ceck)
Article by Phlippe Simon on the installation The Whistle (Zurich, October 2022) in (in French)
Video interview part of the series “la investigación creadora” on artistic research methodologies, a project by Anne Huffschmidt for the Latin American Institute of the Freie Universität Berlin. With: Gilles Aubry, Ernst Karel, Kathrin Wildner and Maria Luz Sanchez. Access here:
“The Radio Artist as Ethnographer: Sound and Postcolonial Knowledge in Gilles Aubry and Robert Millis’ The Gramophone Effect (2017), Master Thesis by Anna Vermeulen (2020)
Interview of Gilles Aubry on “Salam Godzilla” by Nicolas Fodorrof  in FID Journal, Marseille, July 2019 (in French)
Review of “Salam Godzilla” by Julia Gostynski in cinemabuch online (in German), July 2019
Review of Biennale Internationale de Casablanca with a mention of the installation “Unsound Traces”, article by Olivier Rachet in Art Newspaper (in French)
Transcription of „Attuning to sound archives“, a presentation by Gilles Aubry at University of the Arts Berlin (UDK), 13.2.2017, as part of the conference series “Poetics and Politics of Scientific Sound Archives”
Interview in Diptik art magazine, Feb-March 2018 (in French)
Article by Linnea Semmerling on Gilles Aubry’s practice (in English), Metropolis M, no5, 2017
Article “Sur les traces de Paul Bowles”, by Margaux Mazellier (in French), in Telquel magazine, September 2017
Interview by Marc Hass in Dissonance journal 135 (September 2016), in French
Jewel of the Ear in Hindustan Time 2016
Jewel of the Ear in The Telegraph, Calcutta, 2016
Article by Kathrin Wildner on inventive research methods featuring Gilles Aubry’s “Pluie de Feu” installation and “The Amplification of Souls” sound essay (2015, in German, in Ethnoscript journal)
Review of the Swiss Art Awards exhibition 2015 in Basel
Interview by Lucia Vasella for the screening of “Notes via a Soundscape of Bollywood” at Norient Musikfilm Festival 2015
Article by Michael Hiltbrunner about the Dissonant Archives exhibition in (Jan 2015)
Presentation text by Michael Hiltbrunner of the exhibition “Dissonant Archives” (with and curated by Gilles Aubry)
Interview with Gilles Aubry in International documentary Festival journal (FID) Marseille (July 2014)
Review by Hili Perlson (ESPACE) of the exhibition “If you’re so smart, why ain’t you rich?” at Marrakech Biennale 2014
“Politics of Invisibility and Giving Voice” a text by Hassan Bourara about the installation and who sees the mystery.
Interview with Gilles Aubry on the Marrakech exhibition “Why ain’t you Rich..” (April 2014)
Short interview for Green Tee Radio Berlin (June 2014)
Interview for BLICK – Berlinerpool, Berlin, (January 2013)
Art TV report on the Urban Sounds exhibition 2013 in Basel, including short interview with Gilles Aubry
Johannes Ismaiel-Wendt on the audio-essay “L’amplification des Ames”, 2013
Interview by Arie Altena for the Sonic Acts festival catalogue 2012
Marc Jacquin on Gilles Aubry’s solo exhibition at Reattu Museum, Arles, 2011


Art publications/Exhibition catalogs

Audiosphere: Sound Experimentation 1980-2020, exhibition catalog, Reina Sofa Museum, Madrid, 2020.
Love and ethnology: The colonial dialectic of sensitvity (after Hubert Fichte), exhibition catalog, ed. by Diederichsen D., Franke A. and HKW, Sternberg Press, Berlin, 2019.
“Mensa Sonora”, a cook book by sound artists edited by Radio PicNic, Book + CD on Ripopée Press, 2019.
Marler Medienkunstpreise 2016, ed. by Georg Elben, 2017, ISBN 978-3-924790-94 3,
Bex & Arts 2014, exhibition catalog / Gilles Aubry and various artists / ed. / ISBN 978-2-940377-79-4 /2014
Black Move / Gilles Aubry & Yves Mettler / Exhibition catalog edited by Kunsthaus Langenthal / 2012
Paysage, Son, Image – Le paysage et son usage dans l’art contemporain / Book + DVD / Gilles Aubry and various artists / ed. / ISBN 978-2-940377-54-1 /2012
Déjà-Vu / Artistic contribution in art magazine with various artists / Nr 21 / Jan 2012 /
The Laman Encounter / Artist booklet by Gilles Aubry for the exhibition “The Urban Cultures of Global Prayers” at NGBK, Berlin / self-edited / 2011
Faith is the Place / catalogue of the exhibition “The urban culture of global prayers” / B-Books, Berlin / 2012 / ISBN 978-3-942214-04-9
Môtiers 2011 – Art en plein air / various artists / Exhibition catalog / 2011
Flux donnés à entendre / Gilles Aubry / Special edition of the art magazine “Semaine” for Aubry’s solo exhibition at Réattu Museum, Arles / No 270 / May 2011
Das Dorf – Songbook / book for the installation Das Dorf ist auch ein Teil der Stadt by Aubry & Mettler / Kunsthaus Langenthal / 2010
Cairoscape / various artists / Exhibition catalog / Argobooks, Berlin /ISBN 978-9812552-1-8 / 2009
Laptopia(5) / catalogue with CD for the Laptopia sound exhibition / Bat Yam Museum of Arts (Tel-Aviv) / 2009
Camp Victory / Gilles Aubry & Stephane Montavon / booklet / Re-implant, Berlin / 2005


CD Reviews

And who sees the mystery / 2017
The Amplification of Souls / 2014
Les écoutis, Le Caire (gruen061) / 2010
s6t8r (WM14) / 2009
Berlin Backyards / Cronica Electronica (034) / 2008