Solo exhibition by Gilles Aubry at Reattu Musuem in Arles, consisting in nine new audio installations in dialogue with works form the collection. (14.05 – 22.05.2011)
“As a guest of the effervescent setting of the Musée Réattu | Sur mesures, where revolve contemporary art and Old Master paintings, Gilles Aubry – an anthropologist at least as much as a sound sculptor – draws the raw material of a journey that puts everything at stake. Inserted into the network of the museum spaces, his intervention Flux donnés à entendre works as an ionizing layer, quietly modifying the relationship between sculpture, drawing and photography present in the site. By varying the asymmetry of the eye and ear, he subtly telescopes an exhibition tailored to “fix” the look. At the same time, while he blurs the boundaries of perception, he questions the basis of the divisions of knowledge and taste. What is striking is above all the joyful vitality that emanates from these sound spirals – like those Wagnerian waves frozen in midair and suspended in the mineral void of the archives room, or of these Hollywood chase scenes projected in the Cour d’honneur  turned into an ironic Drive-in pour l’oreille. This accumulation of listening points, but also of diverted music (smelling like spices or burned) gives an overview of the artist’s imagination attentive to the “globality” and the crossing of energies.”

Marc Jacquin, director of Phonurgia Nova.