Site specific intervention by Gilles Aubry, commissioned by the Festival “Habiter et Jardiner” in Lausanne.

As part of a long-term citizen project concerned with the future re-development of the Vallon neighborhood in the city of Lausanne (CH), Gilles Aubry was invited to propose an artistic intervention. His contribution took the form of a performance-workshop in collaboration with geo-biologist Marie Jeanneret and the musicians of the Babel ensemble. Starting with a practical introduction to water divining and telluric currents by Marie Jeanneret, the intervention progressively evolved into a collective performance combining listening, sound making and energy sensing, as a way to attune to the environmental voices of the site. Several sites were visited, including a community garden, an industrial wasteland, and residential areas.

Participants: Gilles Aubry (sound artist), Marie Jeanneret (geobiologist), Babel Ensemble: Anne Gillot (clarinet & flutes), Noëlle Reymond (contrebasse), Luc Müller (percussions), Antonio Albanese (guitar), Louis Schild (harmonium).

October 7th 2018, 11-15h, Le Vallon, Lausanne.

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