Wretched Ear Radio presents a selection of voices, songs, spaces and situations related to Gilles Aubry’s current research on sonic intimacy and attunement in Morocco. The project focuses in particular on sung poetry and daily life of women in rural regions of Morocco, though not exclusively. By including environmental, non-human and other wretched voices, it aims at cultivating and amplifying new aurealities. Beyond broadcast, radio is re-examined here as an intimate format for sound production which can extend into imaginary sound worlds.
Current and past collaborations include Linda Fouad, Dina Boulkhayma, Heidi Vogels, Audrey Chen, Espace d’art Le Cube (Rabat), Caravane festival Tighmert, Saout Radio, Zouheir Atbane and Hassan Bourara.


Related projects and publications

A Moroccan Anthology Of Ear Preservation (2012-2014)

And Who Sees the Mystery (video, 2014, 30′)

And Who Sees the Mystery (LP, 2017, Corvo records)