Gilles Aubry is active at the intersection between sound and visual arts, experimental music and academic research. As an artist, he creates installations, films, performances and radio pieces exploring sonic materiality and listening processes in relation to affect, coloniality and power. As a researcher, he recently completed a PhD on “sonic pluralism, embodiment and ecological voices in Morocco”, engaging with aural histories and practices through artistic collaboration. Recent projects include “The Gramophone Effect”, a sound piece created with Robert Millis and the Indian collective “Traveling Archive”, commissioned by Documenta14 (2017, Kassel and Athens); “Black Anthenna”, a performance with Nathalie Mba Bikoro for the Tuned Cities Festival in 2018 (Ancient Messene); and “Salam Godzilla”, a film essay shot in Agadir on the 1960 earthquake, premiered at the Marseille International Film festival (FID) in 2019, and presented later in the exhibiton “Love and Ethnology – The Colonial Dialectic of Sensitivity” at the Berlin House of World Cultures (HKW).

Gilles Aubry’s works have been presented in numerous international art exhibitions, film festivals, music venues, and radio shows, including Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid (2020), International Film Festival (FID) Marseille (2019), Mosaic Rooms London (2019), Film Festival “Visions du Réel” Nyon (2019), Radiophonic Space Exhibition at House Of World Cultures HKW Berlin (2018), Casablanca Art Biennale (2018), Tuned City Festival (2018), Le 18 Marrakech (2018), documenta_14 in Kassel and Athens (2017), Tinguely Museum Basel (2017), Alhamra Art Center Lahore (2017), café Oto London (2017), Kunstraum Bethanien Berlin (2016), Clark House Mumbai (2016), Art Council Karachi (2016), Skulpturenmuseum Marl (2016), FMAC Geneva (2016), MAGA Museum Gallarate (2015), Kunstmuseum Lucerne (2015), Khoj Art Center New Delhi (2015), TUSK Festival Newcastle (2015), Tsonami Festival Valparaiso (2014), Savvy Contemporary Berlin (2014), Friedmann Gallery New York (2014), Marrakech Biennale (2014), LEAP art space Berlin (2013), HeK Basel (2013), Camera Austria Graz (2012), House of World Cultures Berlin (2012), Kontraste Festival Krems (2011), MACBA Barcelona (2010). He earned two Swiss Art Awards (2012 and 2015) and a European Sound Art Prize in 2016 (Skulpturenmuseum Marl).

Gilles Aubry released several albums under his name and with the experimental noise band MONNO. He collaborated with other musicians in various projects, including Tomoko Sauvage, Audrey Chen, Jasmine Guffond, Rob Millis, Ali Faiq, Valerio Tricoli, Dirk Bruinsma, Dave Phillips, Antoine Chessex, Nicolas Field, Alexei Borisov, Lethe, Keiji Haino, Fe-Mail, Axel Dörner, Klaus Filip, and many more. His compositions appeared on Adocs, Winds Measure, Cronica Electronica, Gruenrekorder, Universinternational, Schraum, Creative Sources and Absinth Records. His latest LP “And Who Sees The Mystery”​ is available on Corvo Records.