Installation at FRISE art space, Hamburg, November 2017

The installation consists in an assemblage of barley plants and telescopic radio antennas.This ensemble transforms the exhibition room into a space of attunement to all kinds of waves and vibes, real or imaginary, in which the public is invited to spend time considering new modes of collectivity.

The installation serves as an introduction to Aubry’s current researches in Morocco on sonic intimacy and sung poetry. Departing from a sound ethnography of daily life in rural areas, he becomes attentive to the specific agency of non-human beings, things, tools, locations and devices, including his own microphone and recorder. Aubry approaches radio as a model for the exploration of intimate, wireless, and inter-species relations, and as a space for post-natural speculation. Sound bits from the research are published regularly on the Wretched Ear Radio channel on the internet and are also part of the installation soundtrack.