December 18 2023 – Public lecture at UDK Berlin

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Sound in Artistic Research 23 | Public Lecture Series

Sawt, Bodies, Species – Listening through others in Morocco
Lecture by Dr. Gilles Aubry, moderated by Prof. Dr. Sabine Sanio

Online registration via the following link:

Following the publication of his book “Sawt, Bodies, Species” (Adocs 2023), Gilles Aubry presents findings from his doctoral research on sound and aurality in Morocco. Engaging with artists, musicians, and scientists, Aubry’s more-than-sonic approach encompasses a wide range of practices, including music archives, seismology, Sufi healing, industrial extractivism, and ecological voices. The presentation emphasizes **/collaboration/**as a comprehensive methodology for the co-production and mediation of knowledge in both anthropological and artistic research. This involves observations, conversations, experiments, and performative interventions conducted with local people and communities. Listening takes a central role in these exchanges, with a focus on the potential for social, political, and ecological change.

During the winter semester 2023/24, Sound Studies and Sonic Arts presents the second lecture series exploring sound in artistic research. The Sound Studies and Sonic Arts master program implies an understanding that theory and practice mutually inform each other and represent two sides of the same coin. We’d like to invite you to join this lecture series and explore the different perspectives on the topic of artistic research as an encouragement to reflect on your own positioning.

Artistic research, aesthetic research, and practice-based research have gained a lot of momentum at art schools and universities in the past few decades. Focusing on alternatives to established methodologies and paradigms based on evidence, historical and political analysis, musicology, critical thinking, and cultural studies, this lecture series addresses how artistic research has been established in sound studies and in the sonic arts.

Primarily for the current MA Sound Studies and Sonic Arts students at the UdK, these talks are also open to the general public and students from all other institutions and departments.
Mondays | 18:00 – 20:00 p.m. | online