November 21-25 2018 – Qanat: Performing change from the margins – Le 18, Marrakech

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Unfolding across five days at LE 18 (Marrakech) in November 2018, QANAT: PERFORMING CHANGE FROM THE MARGINS reunites artists, cultural practitioners, architects, researchers, activists engaged through diverse practices and lenses on the politics and poetics of water in particular and the commons in general in Morocco, to create a temporary space of encounter and critical collective thinking, a time for exchanges and proposals allowing for the circulation and cross-pollination of knowledges, subaltern narratives and radical visions spurring from the researches, projects and struggles each conducts.

initiated by Francesca Masoero/LE 18 in dialogue with Heidi Vogels/ DutchCulture | TransArtists, as a way to relate, make resonate and expand both QANAT previous endeavours and the reflections developed through the conference Working on the margins organised by DutchCulture | TransArtists in spring 2018.
It is moreover developed in dialogue with Flore Grassiot/TOPOI, advising on the programme, the methodology and the scenography, as well as Edouard Sors/Carte Eaux and Jerome Giller.
It will see the contributions of Sara Frikech Carlos Perez Marin/Caravan Tighmert, Fayrouz Yousfi, Soraya El Kahlaoui, George Bajalia, Younes Boundir, Gilles Aubry, Ayoub Mouzaine, Soukaina Aboulaoula, Hicham Bouzid/Think Tanger, Laila Hida, Léa Morin/Atelier de l’Observatoire, Nadir Bouhmouch, Cantal Bakker/Pikala

Le 18, Marrakech, November 21-15 2018

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