October 11 2019 – Live performance at Sentimental Punk Berlin

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SENTIMENTAL PUNK #45_ Barbara Hammer Film-Fragments on Giles Aubrey & Thomas+Ursula Kotti-Soundscapes*

Every 11 of the month Sentimental Punk presents a selection of structuralist & avant-garde filmmakers.

Every 11 of the month Sentimental Punk invites 2 sound artists to interpret live the films.

Soundtrack #1: Gilles Aubry – sonic actions with microphone, synth and computer – www.earpolitics.net

Soundtrack #2: Thomas + Ursula – zerhackte Digitalfragmente, Frequenzmodulation, Feedback, Sampling und Signalstörungen mit analogem Modularsystem, Gitarre und Effekten- www.thomasrehnert.de www.ursuladoebereiner.de

TWO soundtracks. ONE FILM selection.

* Sentimental punk proudly continues with a complete program dedicated to Avant-Garde Female Filmmakers, honoring on this upcoming 11.9 & 11.10 the amazing legacy that through 50 years of experimental film practice Barbara Hammer (1939-2019 USA) stamped on Film, Culture and Art-

Sentimental Punk is a non-commercial research gathering based on live improvisations, the entry is free, please support the artists with Spende!

Join us this upcoming 11 September @ 20 Hs!
First performance starts ON TIME 2020-Second at 21-

Image: Screenshoot from Endangered (1988, B. Hammer)