Postcolonial Repercussions – book on Transcript publishing with a contribution by Gilles Aubry

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Postcolonial Repercussions

On Sound Ontologies and Decolonised Listening

Johannes Salim Ismaiel-Wendt / Andi Schoon (eds.)

Can sound be perceived independently of its social dimension? Or is it always embedded in a discursive network? »Postcolonial Repercussions« explores these questions in form of a collective conversation. The contributors have collected sound stories and sound knowledge from Brazil to Morocco, listened to resonances from the Underground and the Pacific Ocean, from Popular Music and speech recognition.

The anthology gathers heterogeneous approaches to emancipatory forms of ontological listening as well as pleas for critical fabulation and a practice of care. It tells us about opportunities, perspectives and the (im)possibility of decolonised listening.

Contributors: Marie Thompson, Shanti Suki, Bhavisha Panchia, Gilles Aubry, Pedro Oliveira, and more.

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