Multi-sited sound installation in the public space with Stephane Montavon 15.8 – 12.9 2009

During summer 2009, sound artists Gilles Aubry, Stephane Montavon and various international guest artists carried a research on the sonic environment of the Swiss-French border area, precisely between the Canton Jura (CH) and the Territoire de Belfort (F).
Over several weeks, the participants investigated the sonic landscapes of natural, urban and industrial sites of this transnational area, in particular those of transit of individuals and goods across the border. The audio recordings were exchanged via audio-stream from both side of the border and then broadcasted in the public space through loudspeakers.
Four permanent listening sites were installed in the cities of Belfort (F), Bourogne (F), Delémont (CH) and Porrentruy (CH), between August 15 and September 12 2009.
Live performances and interventions have taken place on various locations on this territory during the project, including the following artists: Carl Y (F), Michael Northam (US), Duncan Whitley (UK), Pali Meursault (F), Aymeric de Tapol (F), Collectif ÖDL (F), Dinah Bird & Jean-Philippe Renoult (F), Eric Cordier (F), Helena Gough (UK).

The blog documenting the project is still accessible on the internet under:
The website gives informations about the project’s structure and programmation.


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