The site specific sound installation Maulwurf has been commissioned by BASTA Gallery in Lausanne for June 2007. This work has been realised in collaboration with Sebastien Dubugnon & Kata Trub.




The starting point for this work was the gallery space particular lighting conditions, since the room has no windows except its ceiling made of opaque glass tiles. Solar cells have been connected to piezzo buzzers directly below the ceiling to mirror the variations of daylight through sound. In this way, the quiet, high-pitched tones from the buzzers are being naturally modulated at a microtonal level.

In addition, simple electronic systems against moles in the garden have been slightly modified to deliver various low-pitched percussive sounds through loudspeakers situated at the corners of the gallery space. These parts have been connected to a motion detector located at the proximity of the solar cells, so that when visitors get close to the centre of the room, they trigger the louder sounds from the corners for a few seconds.

This configuration allows the visitors to experience the resonant qualities of the space at two different states, the first one quiet and contemplative, the second one busier and playful.

The walls have been painted dark brown in order to accentuate the contrast in lighting between the top and the rest of the room. By doing so, the entire space is considered part of the installation and offered to the public’s experience.

„ Manipulated and manipulative alternatively, I’m evolving inside MAULWURF, a disembodied, industrial soundscape, wondering if I feel aggressed or seduced or both at the same time.“
Isabelle Vuong in 24 Heures, 30.06.2007