Composition by Gilles Aubry for the Klangspeicher group exhibition at the Singuhr Hoergalerie, Wasserspeicher, Belforterstr, Berlin



25. Juli – 14. September 2008
Wed-Sun / 14 – 20h
Vernissage: 24. Juli 2008 um 18:00h
Lange Nacht: 14. September 2008 bis 24:00h

Modulor is a composition that adresses specific aspects of the physical space of the Wasserspeicher building. Standing waves, resonant qualities and proportions of the several rings have been measured experimentally and used as material for the composition.

Bass tones corresponding to the modal frequencies are being played one after another for one minute over all six loudspeakers of the installation, creating each time a new set of standing waves within the space and articulating it accordingly.

A chord made of filtered white noise is being played on top of each bass tone, with its frequency bands calculated proportionally to the length of the rings and tuned to the bass tone.