SILICONATA is a generative composition for any type of instrumental ensemble. The composition consists of a score in the form of a Max/Msp program that each musician reads from the screen of a laptop computer during performance.

The program, with the help of random generators, supplies indications of duration, density and process that the player interprets with more or less rigour. Every musician follows a score with the same general characteristics as the other players, but differs for each one of them in the details. The structure is determined by the composition whilst the techniques and the timbres used are left for the interpreters to choose.

At certain predetermined moments, all voices rejoin and the instruments are for an instant synchronised.

The result is a surprising music with varied textures that evolves in an organic way, possessing nonetheless the structured strengths of a notated composition.

SILICONATA has been premiered by the DIPSA ensemble the 10.2.2003 at Saal 100, Amsterdam, NL.
The piece was played two times (10 & 20 minutes) with two different sets of parameters (score).