Installation by Gilles Aubry in collaboration with Younes Boundir

How to hear the voices of environmental beings such as plants, rocks, water and spirits ? While our technocratic societies are accountable for who matters as a subject and who doesn’t, the current global environmental and humanitarian crisis urges us to rethink the sovereignity of our individual selves. What happens when voice is decoupled from speech ? Drawing from his research in Morocco, Aubry documents situations where listening becomes part of survival strategies. Elements related to seaweed ecologies, spiritual radio, seismic waves and extinct dinosaur steps are presented in the installation. By asking the visitors to attune to these silent voices, the work is also an invitation to reconsider listening as a symbiotic practice that can reach below the perception of physical sound, into the unsound, or the not-yet-audible.

Commissioned by Christinne Eyenne, curator of the 4th Casablanca International Art Biennale, October 27 – December 4th 2018, GVCC Gallery, Casablanca.

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