School of Casablanca – Presentations by Fatima-Zahra Lakrissa, Gilles Aubry and Laura U Marks

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Public programme “Maghreb Art: a patrimonial counter-model?” conceived by Fatima-Zahra Lakrissa and Gilles Aubry on 10 November 2022 at L’École Supérieure des beaux-arts, Casablanca, as part of School of Casablanca.

The study day is divided into 4 parts:
PART 1 : 00:00
Presentation of Maghreb Art by Fatima-Zahra Lakrissa/ in French
PART 2 : 47:16
Intervention by artist Gilles Aubry/ in French
PART 3 : 02:20:29
Presentation of the results of Gilles Aubry’s sound workshop with students from L’École Supérieure des beaux-arts de Casablanca/ in French
PART 4 : 03:09:12
Intervention by philosopher and digital arts theorist Laura U. Marks/ in English