Video interview with Gilles Aubry on sound artistic research

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Interview part of the series “la investigación creadora” on creative, innovative and artistic research methodologies, a project by Anne Huffschmidt for the Latin American Institute of the Freie Universität Berlin. With: Gilles Aubry, Ernst Karel, Kathrin Wildner and Maria Luz Sanchez.

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A new series by TrAndes. “La investigación creadora – Creating research”) invites to a journey through innovative and experimental practices that broadens the horizon of qualitative methodologies. Each of the five chapters covers a different field: the so-called artistic research, sensory studies and creation and particularly that of sonic art and anthropology, mapping as a creative methodology as well as forensics when understood as investigative and narrative potential. For this purpose, renowned creative researchers from various fields and backgrounds have been invited to share their ideas and experiences. The series was conceptualized and produced by Anne Huffschmid, in collaboration with Jan-Holger Hennies, for the Latin American Studies Institute of the Freie Universität Berlin. The introductory sections as well as the Latin-American contributions are held in Spanish, while the English-spoken parts appear in orginal (English subtitling of the series is pending).

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