July 9-15 2019 – “Salam Godzilla” at FID Marseille, International Film Festival

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Salam_Godzilla-(Film Still 3)


“Salam Godzilla” (Aubry, 2019, 40’35) will be screened as part of FID Marseille 2019.

About the film:

The cinema Salam in Agadir is one of the few buildings that survived the dramatic 1960 earthquake. The film revisits the disaster from various angles, including newsreels, seismic science, Moroccan cinema and a local poem interpreted by singer Ali Faiq. Shot inside the cinema and in the surroundings of Agadir, the film is driven by an abstract soundtrack recorded on location, echoing the Japanese movie “Godzilla” which was screened on the very night of the earthquake. Geological anxieties also surface in the contemplation of dinosaur footprints on a nearby beach, finding a possible resolution in the reptilian choreographies of the site keeper or in the powerful stomping of Haha dancers.

Info: https://fidmarseille.org/film/salam-godzilla/

Info about the film: http://www.earpolitics.net/projects/salam-godzilla-video-essay-2019/