Dissonant Archives

Exhibition on sound and historical documents in the African context (15.11.14 – 16.1.15) co-curated by Gilles Aubry & Michael Zaugg
with Gilles Aubry, Zouheir Atbane, Youssef Tabti , Corsin Fontana

Oslostrasse 10
4142 Münchenstein-Basel, CH

The exhibition presents three contemporary artistic positions dealing with historical documents in the African context.While approaching documentation as a performative, collaborative and reflective exploration of the real, the participating artists simultaneously deliver critical re-interpretations of dissonant pasts.

Re-visiting the Paul Bowles collection of Moroccan traditional music from 1959, Zouheir Atbane and Gilles Aubry travelled across Morocco in order to meet local musicians and discuss with them the significance of the Bowles recordings. Their installations “and who sees the mystery” and “Ears in Morocco” combine some of their research documents into an archive of auditory practices and sound experiments.

In “SWAKOPMUND, part #II of the project Colonial His-story or SCENE(s) MISSING (2011)”, Youssef Tabti presents the result of his exploration of the German colonial past in Namibia. For “A Long March through unknown places. Performance in a political context. Algeria-Tunisia-Libya”, he opted for a mode of artistic exploration of Northern-African desertic regions, inspired by the work of Abdelhafid Khatib, a member of the Situationist International, and by the psychogeographical Theory Of The Derive. His installation present photographs from an imaginary 1069 km long walk across Algeria, Tunisia and Libya, emphasizing the non-documentary nature of his recordings, which are reduced to abstract traces.

Corsin Fontana presents some of his visual art works from the 1970′s, as well as a selection of Northern-African music K7′s from his private collection, which were gathered in the course of his repeated travels in the region during the same years. Based on natural and organic materials and techniques like sunlight exposure, hot iron printing and pig bladder skin, Fontana’s works reveal the temporalities of material fixation and decaying, echoing thus the materiality and ephemerality of ethnographic artefacts.

The exhibition also include a parallel program of live performances, presentations and radio-streams with Mdou Moctar, Corsin & Michael Fontana, Alberto Rainolter, Gilles Aubry & Robert Millis.

Presentation text by Michael Hiltbrunner HERE

Views of the exhibition HERE

15.11.14 / 18h Opening

16.11.14 / 16h Artist Talk & Listening Session with Michael Hiltbrunner, Corsin Fontana, Michael Fontana, Alberto Rainolter, Youssef Tabti, Gilles Aubry

20.11.14 / 21h Concert with Mdou Moctar (NIG, Sahel Sounds + prop&lean + Getting Any (Acc-Ess) Rave All Styles

4.12.14 / 20h30 Film Screening & DJ Set by Hisham Mayet (Sublime Frequencies) „Musical Brotherhoods From The Trans-Saharan Highway“

10.01.15 / 20h30 Concert by Gilles Aubry (Earpolitics) & Robert Millis (Sublime Frequencies) “Jewel of the Ear”

16.01.15 Museeumsnacht

Oslo10, Oslostrasse 10, 4142 Münchenstein – Dreispitz
Open: Saturday 14:00 – 18:00 & during Events.
by appointment 0774598017