Installation-concert, september 5th 2004, Espace Noir Galery, St-Imier, CH


« La matière et l’écho » is based on a reflection about identity and ideology, in the context of the 25th anniversary of canton JURA, Switzerland’s youngest canton, created 1979 after long years of political fight for its independence.

The intellectually and sometimes physically violent confrontations in the 60’s and 70’s have led to a somehow idealised patriotic view of these events and their initiators, who have become part of the actual jurassian establishment.

Until now, this part of history has never officially been critically commented by the autorities and one can observe that some of the propagandistic arguments are still present by people, when they are asked to give a definition of the jurassian identity.
In this work, Gilles Aubry has used recordings of propagandistic speeches given by the leaders of the jurassian autonomous movement from the late 60’s and early 70’s.

The performance start with some of the most extreme and violent excerpts having been cut together and played through a megaphone in a reinscenated political meeting.

In the second part of the performance, these audio documents where digitaly processed and used as source material for improvisation by Gilles aubry, played through a 12 chanels speaker system, disposed along the four levels of Galery Espace Noir.

Thus emptied from their dramatic potential, these sounds where presented to the audience as an intellectually acceptable heritage from these past events.
Interviews with various jurassian people about history, identity and utopy, were played as well in the stairs of the Gallery.